I’ll tickle your catastrophe…

Well, after spending the morning running errands (buying cat food etc.), I’m finally getting our stuff together. It’s going to be A LOT COLDERBRRRRR in Edinburgh, which I am sure will do wonders for my cough, ehm!, but I’m prepared. Plus, I’ve put together an entire truckload of medicines and supplements, so we’re covered for every type of ailment you could possibly imagine, except perhaps exploding head syndrome… 😉

I’ve also firmed up plans to get together with my blog reader. We’re meeting for the first time, after corresponding for years, and I’m sure it will be heaps of fun. Number one: she is a cat person, too. Number two: she is taking us to Bass Rock, where she’s been many times, to see…PUFFINS! I mean, hello?, how could we possibly NOT love each other instantly? 🙂

Okay, I have to go back to packing and doing some touristy research online, but FIRST…

1. Here’s an adorable video showing a female cat and her loving, attentive, rather sharp-clawed, er, suitor = a sloth, yes, that’s right, a sloth! Amazing creatures, sloths…have always fascinated me… http://goo.gl/tQkYN Awwww, I want to cuddle with a sloth now…and get a nice back scratch, too…I mean, check out the length of those CLAWS!!!!!!!! Yikes. 

2. And here is a HILARIOUS (this morning I laughed OUT LOUD. Thanks, Delilah!!!) list of Shakespearean insults with a…twist. Too funny…Ah, here’s the link: http://goo.gl/ACx4w  (These are all for you, Dad = the great Shakespeare maniac in the family!!!)

Well, that’s it for now. We’ll be back in Florence on May 1st. That doesn’t mean I will be absent from the blog all this time, mind you…I just found out that we will have Wi-Fi service at our bed & breakfast in Edinburgh, so I might even write a quick post between now and then…

In the meantime, take care, everyone! And remember to laughlaughlaugh! And…tickle that catastrophe!!! (See the second link to understand that one, by the way…hehe)

Ciao! 🙂

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