Life goes on…

Day after tomorrow Stefano and I are leaving for Edinburgh, a holiday we’d planned a long time ago. We’ll be gone for about a week (a good friend is moving into our house and taking care of the cats, as always).

Given what we’ve been through in the past few weeks, it will be really good to get away, I must say. Since we both need a rest and a break, I’ll probably not be online during our holiday, except to plan our daily itinerary and make sure we’ve seen all the sights and been to all the best tea rooms…

Oh, before I forget…I’m definitely over the brief flu-like episode I had (last Friday), and I’ve finally begun laughing again, which always helps. This morning, taking breaks from work, I watched this amusing video, e.g.:

And here I thought my cats were the nuttiest in the world…But THIS cat beats them all! 🙂

P.S. Many many thanks for your kind messages and comments. Much appreciated! 

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  1. My sympathy to you and your family, first. It’s good to know that you’re doing better and even taking a vacation, though! Happy for you about it. (as for the nasty virus – I had it this weekend, too, but lasted 2 days!! awful!) Enjoy it!

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