Pap test result and…and…”better than a condom”??? What next???

First things first. When I got home from work today, I found the letter with my pap test result sitting in our mailbox. Result: normal. No sign of tumor cells or anything else. Peachy!!! 🙂 I was sure it’d be fine, but it’s always good to know for sure…

Now, about that “condom” business (see title above)…I just finished reading an extraordinary article about curcumin, published in Maclean’s, a Canadian weekly news magazine. I mean, in addition to all its other almost unbelievable properties, curcumin is now being tested as a potential contraceptive. No kidding.

I’m stunned, I have to admit, even though I thought nothing about curcumin would be able to stun me, ever again. But this bit of news…wow…Now, if only curcumin could feed my cats and make me a cappuccino first thing in the morning…mmmh, now there’s a thought! 😉

Okay, seriously now. This is an easy, interesting read even if you’re not interested in contraception, as I am definitely not, now that I’m officially a member of the Menopause Club. 😉 Oh, here’s the link to the article: 

And…that’s it for today. I hope to finish editing a couple of posts in the next few days (between translations and whatnot)…the second part of the SMM case report, for one (!)…But right now I have to go start making dinner.

How time flies, mamma mia


  1. A bright yellow dye being used as a spermicide… Nope, I can’t see any potential problems with that idea.

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