Snow in Florence…

I’ve wanted to see snow in Florence since I got back from the States in late January (I missed most of the snow storms that hit the East Coast of the U.S., including the one that left my parents without power and heat for days…). I know, I know, I know: if I lived in a place that got tons of snow every single winter, I’m sure I’d get tired of it, really tired. But I don’t. I live in a place that rarely gets snow. And so…I LOVE it!!!

Well, right before lunch I, er, got me some snow, so to speak… 😉

What happened: I reached up to put something away in one of the upper kitchen cabinets (ours are high up, above my head, you see, and I’m a rather tall gal), opened it and phwisssshhhhh BOOOOOM! A container of confectioner’s sugar (also called icing sugar or powdered sugar) came shooting out like a cork from a champagne bottle and exploded right over my head and also over the clean cups and plates drying on the counter. And then it hit the floor. SPLATTTTT!!!

Snow. Everywhere. 

I can’t write down the first word that came into my head, but, er, I can tell you that it began with an “F…”!!! But then, immediately afterwards, at the sight of half the kitchen (and me) covered in powdered sugar, I just began laughing. And then, sigh, I cleaned up the mess, which wasn’t as much fun…

Well, I suppose it was one of those “you had to be there” scenarios (= not so funny to you, I mean; and duuuuh I didn’t think of taking a photo at the time…I was in such a hurry to clean up the sugary mess, since I really didn’t want the cats to walk into it and track it all over the house…), but today I have to work like a maniac and have no time for writing or editing any posts, so this quick silly thing is all you’re going to get… 🙂

And if you didn’t at least smile at the image of Margaret (hmmm, admittedly, you don’t know what I look like, unless you’re a friend of mine on Facebook or in real life! 😉 ) covered with sugar from head to toe, perhaps you will (smile, I mean) when you watch this video, which shows some of the most adorable creatures I’ve seen in a while…mostly, animal babies. [youtuber youtube=’’] (Thanks, Lori!)  Ahhh, very relaxing! 🙂

For those who would instead prefer to have something of a more serious nature, here’s an interesting report about bitter melon and pancreatic cancer:

Okay, gotta get back to work. Ciao for now! 🙂

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