News flash (!!!): long term use of curcumin in two smoldering multiple myeloma patients…

My blog’s title refers to a case report recently published in the Journal of Hematological Malignancies. The authors are the same researchers involved in the “famous” (well, famous to me, anyway! 😉 ) MGUS-curcumin randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over study in Australia. This is their second curcumin study. This time, it involves two smoldering myeloma patients, two men, aged 47 and 66, who’ve been taking oral curcumin for two years (and I presume they still are…). Here is the link: 

(Please note: the full text is available online, and yes, it’s FREE. Just click on “PDF,” where it says “Full text”…).

As you read through the study, keep in mind that these two SMM patients took 6 grams of curcumin a day. Just 6. And their results were…

Well, okay, I’m going to stop here for today. Reason: I began writing this post on Sunday but ran into a huge problem. I mean, I had so MUCH to say and comment that I just kept writing and re-writing and editing and re-editing. And the result is that here I am, TWO days later (!), and I still haven’t posted this important bit of news on the blog…that’s no good. 

So I’ve decided to SHUT UP for at least 24 hours and let you read the study on your own, in peace and quiet…



  1. Margaret, good strategy to post what you have so far. Why not follow up with your opinion in the next blog entry? You have already done the work. I, for one, would love to hear your follow up piece.

  2. Hi Margaret, Read the article…some of info I really didn’t understand. The most important was the continued use of the Curcumin & since I am IgG, I was impressed with the results using 7 grams daily (which is what I take). Important to get beyond 5 yrs smoldering as the risk decreases with ea. passing yr.
    Thanx again, Il Professiore* (*sp)

  3. Thanks again for keeping up on things. My husband doc, as I posted on Facebook, suggests the Pure brand of Curcumin now as it has been enhanced. He adds the 3 mushroom capsule, and then artimisin. He had bone cancer from Prostate and is now in remission. He uses curcumin for his skin problem patients.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I can see why you were excited about responding and had to catch yourself. These results are downright amazing, especially looking at the drops in % plasma cells and paraprotein levels and improvements in the FLC ratios. I just started doing 2g/day to hold my SMM at bay, but will likely graduate to 6g/day sooner than had I planned based on this study.

  5. Per the lead author of the study: ”The curcumin we used was C3 complex from Sabinsa.
    Kind regards
    Terry Golombick”

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