“Do you have any children?”

IMG_0964Every two-three years the Italian Cervical Cancer Screening Programme (CCSP) sends all women a letter with a pap smear appointment already set up at a nearby health unit. This is a FREE service, mind you. All you have to do is show up at the appointment, or call to reschedule, if the date chosen by the CCSP isn’t convenient for you. Easy peasy…and such a bloody good idea! I mean…Prevention Prevention Prevention! 

Well, I received my pap letter a couple of weeks ago. 

And at the beginning of this week I had my routine pap smear. 


Before performing the test, the gynecologist asked me a few questions, including “Do you have any children?” 

I answered: “Yes, I have six cats.”

I really did. 🙂 

Hey y’all!!!, it’s FRIDAY!!! And I’m home from work, listening to some great music and working (but not TOO hard). 🙂


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