Yes, I’m a real person!!!

This morning a new blog reader’s message gave me quite a chuckle, so much so that I decided to share it with you all…Mainly, though, it gives me the opportunity to clarify a few points…First, though, here is the email:

I have myeloma and only recently came across “Margaret’s Blog” while researching curcumin.  The blog looks fantastic, with so much information.  I’d like to know who Margaret is, or how this got started.  Is Margaret a real person??  If so, I can’t imagine how she replies to all these questions nor how she has time to look up all these articles.  A little background please.  Thanks!!!

I replied to this message, of course, telling the new reader to scroll down my Pages on the right and click on “Living with smoldering myeloma.” The info therein needs to be updated (I’m now 51, not 49 years old, e.g.!), but it does provide a bit of background for those who haven’t been reading my blog from Day One. Another Page that new readers might want to check out is “My discovery of curcumin.”

Here’s the thing: back in 2007, when I first began blogging, I never imagined that I would come across so much information about non-toxic anti-MM substances. Not in my wildest dreams. I also never thought that my blog would become so big…to the point of being unwieldy, I know I know I know! Or so popular, to be super honest. 🙂 So those two above-mentioned Pages were linked to each other. But that was BACK THEN…when I had only created a few Pages and had no idea that I would be creating any more. Hah.

Now, I would like to reassure everyone that I am indeed a REAL person. I’m married to my best friend, a sweet generous loving talented tall dark handsome Italian genius whose name is Stefano. We have been together for, uhm, 15 years or thereabouts…married for more than 13 years. Our six cats fill our lives with joy (and a bit of asthma, too…turns out I’m allergic to cats! Oh well!).

I have three university degrees (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D….not in the scientific or medical fields, though! 😉 ). I’ve always been a bit of a nerd…I love studying and learning new things. Always have.

And I love teaching (Italian or English). For the past five years (plus) I’ve been teaching English in a company in Florence, Italy, where I live now but where I also grew up (I’m one of those odd, purrfectly bilingual creatures…). I’ve recently also accepted a part-time, online job that has to do with English grammar. In my free time (!!!), in addition to doing research/writing for my blog, which means A LOT to me!!!, I get together as frequently as possible (at least once a week) with my fabulous, funny girlfriends…

I also enjoy cooking, reading, and watching good movies or “Downton Abbey”…and traveling (whenever economically possible…) and birdwatching with Stefano. Yes, I do indeed have a busy life. And it’s not always peachy, let me tell ya…My in-laws’ health has been steadily declining in the past few years, for example. And my parents have also had a few health-related issues. But, in my blog, I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of my life, which are many…Overall, I’m a lucky gal, a verrrrry lucky gal! And for me, the glass is always half full…Always!

I’m currently visiting my parents who live on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, U.S.A. It finally snowed last night…So this morning, as soon as it was light enough, I went outside in my jammies, coat, boots and hat to take a few photos. That was such a glorious, happy moment for me. And in fact that is one of the positive lessons that myeloma has taught me: it’s the small things in life that bring the most happiness…like being out in the snow for the first time in years…

Yesterday I found a funny little item on Facebook (where my blog has its own Page, by the way). As follows: “Today I will live in the moment…Unless the moment is unpleasant, in which case I will eat a cookie.” My mantra. 🙂



  1. I remember stumbling across Margaret’s website for the first time 6 years ago! I had been diagnosed with SMM and was searching for more info. It was such a relief to find “a real person” to read about rather than medical jargon that I could barely understand! What a comfort it was for me to find someone else who knew about and had the same fears and concerns that I did! I still wasn’t convinced she was real until I actually saw a picture of one of her kitties walking across her hand as she typed at her computer! 🙂 I’m so glad that you are real Margaret! You’ve been such a blessing for so many! Thank you! Donna

    PS-I’m still smouldering nicely! God bless us every one!

  2. Margaret dear,
    I´ve been following your blog for years, I know you so well through your posts, just like you were my american or italian cousin! I´ve been imagining what you look like, i´ve never seen your picture. I think you look
    very kind and pretty. Margaret please, I´m sure all your
    readers want to see your picture, please show your foto
    on the blog! Margaret you are A PERSON!
    I love reading your posts.

  3. I migliori auguri di ottimo 2013 ad una delle persone più reali, e più positivamente influenti sulla realtà, che abbia conosciuto.

    Best wishes for the New Year to one of the most real person, and precious for our real life I’ve ever known.

  4. I was diagnosed about 18 months ago with MGUS, which almost immediately moved into smoldering territory. All quite terrifying. Finding Margaret’s blog has been the most positive and useful event in the journey- a wonderful combo of amazing info/web links/humour and humanity. I find myself happy to be doing all I can to maintain my health, while glorying in the spring flowers and winter snow (I live in Canada after all!) as well as the humour & joy of everyday life. I have never felt more together!
    So thank you Margaret and all the contributors for being present in this real virtual world.
    Margaret, I don’t need to see a photo, but I am curious to know what field your PhD is in!

  5. Not only a real person but a real beacon of hope.
    I learned so much with you to say thank you will never be enough.
    Happy New Year Margaret.

  6. Can you figure out my surprise when, several years ago, I discovered another person diagnosed with MM in Florence? I knew that, no matter what happened, I could talk and discuss and experiment (ah, the Indian curcumin…) with Margaret. When you have MM or any other malaise, not to be alone in the journey is the most important thing.
    Happy and healthy new year, dear Margaret, to you and Stefano!

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