Well, now here’s a lovely Xmas prezzie for us all!

This morning I read about a very interesting and important McGill University study on vitamin D and cancer and decided it would be just purrfect to put on the blog today. Here’s the link: http://goo.gl/dRR3e

Another VERY good reason to keep taking our vitamin D, I’d say. Eh! 

And, once again, I would like to thank my friend Sherlock publicly for having convinced me years ago (must have been 2006) to test my vit D levels, which turned out to be abysmally low…Without her, it would probably have taken me much longer to realize how important this vitamin is for us myeloma folks…Grazie, Sherlock! 🙂

Uhm, by the way, not that this bit of news should be a shocker for anyone who reads my blog, but curcumin inhibits the nasty aberrant c-MYC cancer gene, too. Another eh! 😉

Okay, time for our tortellini in brodo and salad with pomegranate seeds. Off I go!



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