Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze…

No, I’m not sick. I’m fine (but worried). Our new kitten, Prezzemolo, is the one that’s ill. Two nights ago he began sneezing repeatedly, so yesterday morning I called our vet who told me to keep an eye on him and call her if anything changed. Things did change, unfortunately. First, he stopped being super active. Then I noticed that he wasn’t breathing through his nose but through his mouth…and finally, yesterday evening, he stopped eating and drinking. By then it was too late to call the vet. 

To make a long story short, after a restless night for two worried human parents, I took him to the vet first thing this morning. It turns out that the poor little critter has a high fever, a cold and a bit of bronchitis (luckily caught in time, so it’s high up). She immediately gave him a shot of antibiotics and cortisone…

Poor little sweetie. He looks so miserable. And he didn’t even meow on the way to the vet (and here I’ve always hoped to have at least ONE cat who wouldn’t meow in the car, hah…But this morning I would have been happy to hear at least a peep…). 

Anyway, he should be better in a few days. I’m with him almost all the time (whenever I’m not working, that is), so obviously I won’t be doing any research for the blog. I might post a few silly items, but nothing serious.

Just so you know…


UPDATE (October 19 2012): this morning Prezzemolo is breathing through his nose and catching up on much-needed sleep. The worst seems to be over. His human parents are much relieved! More soon! 


  1. I can send Reiki to little Parsley and get him ‘greened up’ with some universal energy… I will get right on it… just knowing with all that love from you and Stefan he is going to bounce back quickly!

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