We just got back from the vet. The bad news is that our little Prezzemolo has coccidiosis, which is a common parasitic infection of the intestinal tract, especially in kittens. So this came as no huge surprise, though we were hoping that he’d get a clean bill of health…

We’ve already begun treating him for it. It’s no big deal, really, since it was caught early (but I read online that it CAN, if left untreated, lead to death, aaaaagh!), but we will have to postpone the meeting between Prezzemolo and the rest of his new feline family for a couple of weeks. Treating ONE cat is one thing; treating SIX cats, quite another!!!

There is good news, though: apart from the coccidiosis, the vet told us that he’s purrrrrrfectly healthy. So this is just a minor nuisance…Oh, except that Stefano and I will have to keep sleeping apart…uffa!

But—we’d do anything for our kitties…

P.S. Stefano took this photo of Prezzemolo yesterday…I howled with laughter when I first saw it (it looks like Prezzemolo is waving at the camera) and asked him if I could publish it on the blog…So here is an example of what Stefano can do with his big fancy camera! 😉 


  1. Congrats Margaret! Prezzemolo is a beautiful kitty with a beautiful name! I like nicknames so I may call him “Prezze” for short though! 🙂 The picture looks as though he’s swearing his innocence! “I didn’t do it!!” 🙂 I hope he will be be well enough to join his siblings really soon! I’m sure each one brings you much joy!

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  3. What’s one more cat among friends? I have a friend here who had three cats when I arrived three years ago and I helped her and her #3 cat through his terminal illness, doing Reiki as he prepared to leave. They both benefitted from it… and a few months later she adopted a little girl kitten, who has just had four babies… and in the meantime, this ruffian showed up and started making himself at home, got sick, she treated him and now “Rambo” is a permanent fixture – and quite possibly the papa of at least two of the kittens. So she’s up to 8 right now…
    I’m still holding at two…

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