Glyphosate linked to increased risk of myeloma

I’ve been reading some bad news about Roundup lately*. And today I read a 2011 Huffington Post article that didn’t really surprise me, but…well, see for yourselves:

In short, if you play golf OR use Roundup (made by that awful monster called Monsanto…hardly surprising…) to kill the weeds in your garden, I would suggest that you NOT go back to the golf course until you find out what sort of herbicide is used on it and/or, if you have any of the toxic crap in your house, dispose of it immmmmmmmediately. 

Quote from the article: “The agency also said it is looking at a study partly sponsored by the EPA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that found some users of glyphosate were observed to have a higher risk of multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting bone marrow, than people who never used the chemical. The two-fold increased risk was considered “non-significant” and EPA said the findings were preliminary and based on a small number of cases but it is still part of the review.”

The safest things to do: pull up your weeds by hand (I know, I know)…or spray a bit of vinegar on ’em (do make sure it’s a sunny but windless day…the wind could blow drops of vinegar onto your other plants and kill ’em all…)…



Live with weeds…!!! 😉

*UPDATE: What’s happening in California with Proposition 37 sparked my interest in doing some research on Roundcrap, by the way. And that’s how I found out about the myeloma connection. Well, I just read an LA Times article showing that a majority of Californians, THANK GOODNESS!, are probably going to vote for this initiative to require food manufacturers and retailers to label fresh produce and processed foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients That’s excellent news. The potential costs of adding the labels (and so on) are NOT as crucial as knowing what’s inside the food we eat. Just my opinion, as usual! (Oh, and I got a different take on this news from a blog reader…have a look…hmmm)


  1. vinegar & liquid dish soap, diluted, put it on early on a sunny day for best results. I add salt for the weeds in the sidewalk cracks, but not into the soil with grass. boiling water also works.

  2. I can not believe how over hyped people are to round up. It is one of the safest chemicals used.
    I believe that hyping round up is a great diversion away from petroleum and it products. Which we 100% know causes cancer, and causes MM. The oil companies do a good job of keeping people off their backs. They must pay for a lot of these ‘studies’.

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