The best cats in the world

Okayokayokay, yesyesyes, I’m totally biased, but I do think that my cats are the best cats that have ever walked the earth…the smartest, most beautiful…THE MOST…EVERYTHING! 😀

My cats do the darnedest cutest things, which would make them the most popular felines in the history of YouTube–if only I had a camera hanging around my neck at all times.

But the truth of the matter is: my camera is usually in another room when cuteness happens…

And cuteness happens all the time in our household. Whenever the kitties, especially that adorable nutcase called Pinga (everyone who meets her agrees that “there’s something really special about this little cat” and wants to adopt her…hah, over my dead body!), begin doing hilariously funny things, I rush off to grab my camera. 

By the time I get back and am ready to begin recording, however, all the cuteness has stopped. Suddenly. I find the cats sitting quietly exactly where I’d left them, casually licking their paws and looking up at me as if to say, “Hey, what’s your problem, Mom? I’ve got better things to do than wait for you…” (I can almost hear them thinking: licklicklick…ignore Mom…licklicklick…and especially ignore that blasted torture device hanging around her neck…absolutely no cute stuff until that thing is put away…)

(Mom sighs and gives up.)

In addition, Priscilla, Pinga and Peekaboo absolutely HATE the camera flash, so whenever I bring out the camera (even when there’s enough light, and I don’t need to use the flash…but of course they don’t know that…), they will immediately shut their beautiful eyes and stop all their cute doings.

It’s incredibly frustrating.

But there you go…

They are CATS, which is precisely why I love them. 🙂

Anyway, point is, in the past couple of days I’ve been taking a few photos of my cats to to cheer up my parents who are going through a bit of a tough spot right now. And this morning I thought, ah why not?, I’ll stick ’em on the blog, too. 

So here are my cats…OUR cats, I should say, since they are also Stefano’s cats:

1. Puzzola, 11 or 12 years old, drinking from the ceramic cat fountain (= the BEST cat purchase we’ve ever made); behind her head, impossible to see in this photo, is a lovely ceramic sphere containing a small motor that generates a little spout of water at the top (of the sphere)…they love it!

2. Piccolo, 9 years old, sitting on our dining room table (rumpled tablecloth…oops!) after lunch, gazing outside. He’s our only male kitty; he enjoys skyping with my parents and playing computer games or watching documentaries on TV. An amazingly intelligent cat, this one.

3. Priscilla, 7 years old, taking a cat nap in her favorite spot = the hammock on the cat tree, located between my desk and my study window. 

4. Peekaboo, 5 years old, playing in the attic and trying to look cool for the camera (see what I mean about the eyes shut tight and zero cuteness?)…

5. Pinga, 3 years old, on top of the cat tree. She’s usually on her back with her paws waving in the air and her head at an impossible angle…but of course here she turned over for the photo and wouldn’t turn back! 😉





  1. Your cats are adorable, almost as cute as mine! And, like mine, they aren’t, um, er, exactly underfed. Sturdy. We like that in a cat.

  2. I do not have any cats, but the worlds best dog. And I love the way every one of us cats and dog owners just think that ours are the best, cutest, most adorable etc.

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