The Last Supper…

Tomorrow Stefano and I are going to Milan mainly to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” (L’Ultima Cena). Stefano made reservations months ago…I mean, you can’t simply show up at the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan and buy a ticket. You won’t get in. You have to go online (or call), see which dates are available and book. We booked in June. 

Stefano has never been to Milan, and I’ve been there only a couple of times…All I remember about the city is that the Duomo (i.e. the cathedral) is quite spectacular…and the Navigli area is interesting…oh, and the Castello Sforzesco is nice. That’s about it. I mean, even the biggest Milan fanatic in the world wouldn’t be able to declare that Milan is more beautiful or interesting than, say, Florence (that was totally a random pick, eh! 😉 )…But it should be fun. 

Stefano and I are going to stay overnight in a FOUR-star hotel (!). No kidding. Four stars. You see, I found a great rate (online), and then, just to make sure everything was okay, I called the hotel and chatted with the manager. Within minutes, he had upgraded our room to a superior one for the same price. 🙂 That happens to me quite frequently. I guess I have the magic touch (or some such thing)….whatever. 

In case you’re worried about the cats: we’re leaving them in very good hands. Their favorite person in the world (besides me, Stefano and my parents) is moving in with them for two days. They’ll be thrilled!

That’s about it. Oh, except it’s cool in Florence. Yes, COOL. Bliss! This morning we had a terrific thunderstorm that sent the kitties scampering for cover, as flat as pancakes. But I must say, it’s great to hear the sound of raindrops again. We really need the rain…Of course, this weekend in Milan is supposed to be a very wet one. Stefano and I don’t care…We have our Skomer Island gear. Sooooo, let it rain! 🙂


  1. Greetings Margaret & Stefano from “the land down under” Australia. Wishing you a fantastic visit to Milan you deserve to be upgraded to the Presidential Suite at your accomadation because you are such an important person to your world wide followers. You inspire, inform & give hope to many, thank you.

    I have been a follower of yours since Nov 2011 after I was reclassified SMM from 5yrs MGUS. I have learned sooooo much from your website I am doing 8gms Dr Best curcumin p/day together with modified diet(no simple sugars, processed foods, alchol of saturated fats) & a daily walk, doing ok. Found Tabs contribution realy interesting & will be in touch with him direct to discuss his great graphs

    Also happy birthday for last month,is this trip maybe a little bit more birthday cheer? enjoy.

  2. Got it on the 3rd try.
    Good going Pete.. Just had an MRI and thryoid test results. Diagnosed 3 yrs ago as MGUS, still MGUS and stable. Took 8g curcumin for 4 months, no other changes.

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