Color test…

I finished my translation earlier this afternoon and, even though I still have quite a lot of work to do (I have to go over it meticulously, which will take DAYS!), I have been “celebrating” by chatting via Skype with my parents and one of my best friends, chatting by phone with my sister in Arizona (she doesn’t have Skype, helloooo???!!!) and playing “WhichisEnglish” (I have the top score, so far)…

And then a blog reader sent me a color test/game that is a bit freaky at first. I mean, it’s hard on the first try. But…it’s really good exercise for the brain, so c’mon on, be brave and give it a whirl…It only takes a few seconds:

And then, if you dare!!! (hehe), let me know how many times you had to take the test to get to 100%… 😉

If you do that, then I’ll tell you my score, too…a couple of days from now… 🙂 


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