Location, location, location!

Post-puke stretch

My birthday so far (possible updates later on in the day, if warranted):

  • woke up early as usual
  • fed the cats
  • had a cappuccino and my vitamin D
  • got on the computer

Then I heard Stefano yell as though he’d just spotted a ferocious banana spider, “Nooooooooooooooo!” (followed by a couple of words that I cannot possibly repeat on my blog).

I rushed into our bedroom to find him frantically pulling up the sheets. I asked, “what happened???” He replied, “Pinga just puked on the bed.” Of course, IT had soaked through to the mattress.  So I need to update my list: 

  • cleaned cat puke (first prezzie of the day) off our summer bed cover
  • did two loads of laundry (sheets, mattress cover, bed cover)

So far, so good! 😉

Here you will find a Cat’s Guide to hocking up hairballs: http://goo.gl/A19fW Hehe. 


  1. Happy Birthday Week, Next Week and as many Weeks Ahead as the 50 years of joy, pride and love you’ve already given your Dad & me!

  2. Happy Birthday Margaret – even if a few days late – and yes, after any age, celebrating for at least a month is in order – Pizza and a millefeuilles sound absolutely irrésistibles, especially in Florence. Wish I was there.


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