My last day…

I bet the title of THIS post got your attention, didn’t it? 😉 Well, that’s what I kept telling my students today: “Today is my last day…”

And then I’d add: “…as a 50-year-old!” 😀 

My spring flowers (2012)

Yep, I’m turning 51 tomorrow. Another birthday…13 years after I was diagnosed with MGUS, and almost 7 years after my SMM diagnosis.

I love birthdays. And for this particular one I’m feeling incredibly amazingly stupendously happy…mainly because my Dad is OKAY. 😀

Waiting for the results of Dad’s biopsy, which took place more than ten days ago!, was really tough and rough for us. The important thing, though, is that yesterday we finally learned that the biopsy results were much better than expected. Located on the edge of one of his vocal cords there was a cancerous nodule, which got snipped off easily during the biopsy. Yes, it was cancerous, but it was very small…and in any case it’s gone now. Poof! According to his doctor, we have nothing to worry about…It was “just” some sort of carcinoma…at a stage ZERO. Phew!

Just as a precaution, though, Dad has increased his curcumin intake to four grams a day…


Relief. Relief. Relief.

Let’s see. What else? Tomorrow Stefano is taking the afternoon off from work. In part, because of my birthday, in part so that we can go see a well-known allergy doctor who’s going to try to determine the underlying cause (mission impossible?) of his nasty nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis. Once that’s over, we’re going to pick up pizzaaaaaa & my favorite dessert in the world (millefoglie!) and head back home to watch a movie and spend a romantic evening together. Just the two of us…oh…and our FIVE cats! 😉

On Thursday I’ve invited a few of my best buddies over for a petit celebratory dinner. I think birthday celebrations should go on for more than just one day, especially as we get older. Especially if we have cancer. In fact, I think the name should be changed to birthweek …or birthseveraldays…or…birthpartyondown!

Yeah! 🙂


  1. happy happy happy…
    for birthdays and good reports for birthdads
    yes a season of celebration,

  2. You sure did get my attention. I clicked onto the blog right away. I hope your birthday has been and will be a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Margaret.

  3. Haappy HHAAAPPPYYY birthday to you, Margaret, and many more!
    -julie from Iowa, temporarily in Minnesota at the amazing Rochester Clinic with husband Van getting SCT so he can turn 65 in November

  4. Wouldn’t want to miss this chance to wish you the opportunity to wear purple and red now that you are Over Some Hill…. and that your New Year is filling up with laughter and joy and great food and, not least, Love, love, love!

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