Grammar test

I almost fell off my chair laughing yesterday morning at work (so did my student, by the way). I asked one of my students to do a simple grammar test consisting of a list of sentences. Each sentence contained ONE mistake, which she had to find. She did very well until she reached the following:

“He never wear a hat.”

After staring at it for a few seconds, she said: “Margaret, for me, that’s okay. There is no mistake.”

“Oh no, there is indeed a mistake,” I assured her.

A few more seconds passed.

Finally, just as she was ready to give up, I gave her the following prompt:

I never wear a hat, YOU never wear a hat, HE…” (I paused.)

She smiled triumphantly and exclaimed, “Oh yes, of course, I need to add an  ‘s’!!!”

“Okay, so give me the correct sentence now…” I said.

“He NEVERS wear a hat.”


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