Parsley, cayenne pepper, cancer-fighting cholesterol, a dancing kitten and Pinga in a hammock…

Whenever I decide it’s time to do some research and writing for the blog, something always seems to pop up (work, mainly…which is good, of course!), and I’m forced to abandon my good intentions. Well, “things” have been popping up all week, and now it’s Friday! How did that happen??? 😉

Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy it’s Friday. Friday means that Stefano and I will be spending two full days together, plus there’s lots going on in Florence this weekend. The 2012 edition of the city’s “Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato” (one of Italy’s oldest and famous arts and crafts fair) opens on Saturday, e.g. It’s tiring but (almost) always interesting. And fun…But take my advice: if you’re going to the Artigianato, wear super comfy shoes…there’s a lot of walking involved…

Let’s see, what else? Later today I’m playing cards and then having dinner with a group of funny gals at my best friend’s house.  Fun fun fun. 

Anyway, point is: no time for research. Not today.

And so I’m going to give you the links to a couple of interesting Natural News articles posted by a blog reader (thanks) on Facebook:

A write-up on parsley (good source of apigenin): And here is a bit of info on parsley “safety”(source: 

A write-up on cayenne pepper (capsaicin kills MM cells!): 

I just read another really interesting bit of news…Cholesterol, a cancer-fighter? 😯 Here’s the link:

Okay, now for some fun. Here is a really CUTE kitten video that I watched this morning…Made me chuckle: 

I’d like to end this “post” by adding a photo of my own real-life kitty, my crazy and irresistible Pinga, quietly resting in the hammock of the new, ceiling-high cat tree (= a big hit with our furry ones, by the way). Awwww…

Well, if we decide to skip the Artigianato, and/or if the weekend weather doesn’t allow us to go birding (it’s been raining almost nonstop all week), I’ll probably have time to post some research-related stuff this weekend. In the meantime, have fun, y’all, and take care! 😀

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