Lucy, a dog in remission from nasal cancer…

Sometimes I get notes from readers with pets. Pets with cancer. The readers usually ask me about curcumin doses for animals. It’s a tough topic, but I have written a few posts about it (see, e.g., my March 11 2010 and October 11 2007 posts).

Well, today, thanks to a Google Alert, I stumbled across the story of a dog named Lucy. For the past year, Lucy has been in remission from nasal cancer. She has taken a combo of natural extracts, including curcumin. Luckily for us, her “owner” decided to post her story on a blog, with videos and photos: Three cheers for Lucy!!!

Speaking of dogs, today I watched a video showing a playful dog trying to get a “stranger” (…) to throw him (her?) a stick: Very high on the cute factor! 🙂 Enjoy!

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