What I’m doing on Saturday in Campi Bisenzio, and some good news…

First, the good news. Actually, this simply confirms what I (well, all of us) already knew: my numbers are stable. Rock solid. You see, I went to see my doctor yesterday. I should point out that this is my family doctor, not my hematologist. But this guy is absolutely brilliant, a genius, one of those rare people who knows a lot about…well…everything. I trust his judgment as much as I trust my hematologist’s. And, since it’s faster and easier to go to my family doctor than to my hematologist, that’s what I did this time.  

After comparing my most recent test results to older ones, he smiled and remarked, “i numeri sono fermi,” which basically means that nothing has moved…that all my markers are stable. In fact, he added, some of them haven’t been this good in years. 


Okay, now for the second part of my post. So what am I going to be doing on Saturday morning in Campi Bisenzio (Florence, Tuscany, Italy)? Well, you see, in a moment of pure madness (I have never done anything like this!), I agreed to help my friend Vittorio translate part of the patient-doctor meeting with Prof. Morie Gertz who, among many other things, is Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. You might remember that he was interviewed by the “Atlantic,” see my Feb 27 post titled “The patient’s environment matters.” 

My main role will be translating the question and answer session (back and forth between the two languages) as well as translating for Prof. Gertz (Italian to English). Vittorio and I will also take over for each other whenever one of us gets tired. Phew, I’m tired already! 😉

Oh wait, I have another important bit of info: Prof. Gertz has kindly offered to stay with us on Saturday afternoon, too (instead of going sightseeing in Florence…Now, that’s dedication!!!). Super. It will very interesting to spend some informal, quiet time with him…

Soooo, if you happen to be in this area and would like to attend, have a look at the agenda etc.: http://goo.gl/uZz25 


  1. Dr. Gertz’s videos (IMF) are excellent and provided me immediate comfort that fateful day of August 10, 2011 when I first heard that rotten work “myeloma”. Curious to hear what he thinks of curcumin, etc. Terry from New Jersey

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