Why I haven’t been blogging (2)…

This photo shows you what one of my kitchen counters looked like last night (and yes, there are bags of cookies inside the oven, too…away from my nosy cats!). While this was a huge amount of work, my students and “non-students” (after so many years, I know everyone in the company, so I couldn’t exclude them…) were so blown away that it made it all worth it… 🙂

Okay, now for a bit of rather shocking news for those of us who use Neti pots. Today Lori (thanks!) posted a link to a Web MD article about a brain-eating amoeba that apparently was present in the tap water used by two unfortunate Louisiana residents inside their Neti pot: http://goo.gl/qzrIN.  “Unfortunate” in the sense that they both died. YIKES! Now, instead of getting rid of your Neti pot (my first instinct!), just make sure you follow these simple instructions: Neti pots are a good way to clean and clear the sinuses. But the pots should be filled with sterile water — either distilled water, or previously boiled water — with a small amount of non-iodized salt added according to instructions. And do keep in mind that this happened in the same state and that the deaths are still under investigation…UPDATE. My niece commented: “Hrm. I wouldn’t waste any more brain power on that one unless your tap water is from Louisiana 🙂 .” Hehe. 

Still…it’s best to be cautious! Besides, since reading that article, I can’t help but think, “eeeeek!!!!!!”  😯

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  1. What?! This is a very timely post, I read it less than minute after using my neti pot! I will be changing my ways from this point forward for sure! Gulp
    Your baked goodies look delicious, lucky students! Thanks Margaret! Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday!

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