Why I haven’t been blogging…

This year I decided to make Xmas cookies for every single person who works for my company (errata corrige: it’s not actually MY company, but the company where I WORK 🙂 )…

What was I thinking???

I never want to see a Xmas cookie again…

Or a festive Xmas cookie bag…

Ever. Again.







  1. Yum! Those look like my favorites. But I know what you mean about such a project. At a certain point, you’re covered in flour, and so is the table, the floor and the cats, and you wonder what the heck possessed you to even think of doing such a thing. Of course I eat half of the product too, so I have double remorse!

  2. How many people work for your company, anyway?
    Last year I did it to myself with pop-up Christmas cards. Our photo popped up in front of our house, appropriately aglow with lights on all the bushes. by the time I was done it was about Christmas eve. Whole rooms were trashed with glue and print outs and scraps. Nothing else got done. This year we were in Antiqua, kids took our picture in the morning, by noon it was pasted into a UNICEF card on their site and by the time we got home 85 copies arrived in the mail, complete with return addresses already stamped on the envelopes. Yay UNICEF.

  3. Dear Margaret,

    Do you happen to know what the optimum ratio of green tea/tumeric/black pepper is please? Or the ratio of EGCG/curcumin/piperine? I have looked at the literature but haven’t been able to find it. Beliveau and Gingras in “Foods to Fight Cancer” do not have the sources for Chapter 18 in the bibiography. I have developed my own combination of sulforaphane and capsaicin which operates at the cell surface level. It would be good to combine that with things that cause mitotic arrest.

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