My brother’s screaming, my Mom’s cussing, and I’m meditating…

When I got home from work yesterday, thanks to a link provided by CK, I watched a fascinating and also entertaining ABC News video (which will explain the rather bizarre title of today’s post) on the healthful effects of meditation: 

There are more details in the videos that follow the above-mentioned one (just wait a few secs after each commercial)…For example, in the second video I learned that 20 million Americans meditate (wow) and, in the third video (the Diane Sawyer one), that 40% of Americans use complementary/alternative treatments, especially meditation…

I’ve been dabbling in meditation for years now, and in fact I’ve created my very own form, which, okay, is very relaxing but perhaps not as effective as it could be. And that is why I’ve decided I should take it a step further. To do that, I need your help.

If you meditate and know of a simple, straightforward mindfulness meditation website, could you let me know? Thanks a bunch! 🙂 


  1. As a Christian Margaret I pefer prayer to meditation.
    I haven’t been convinced I am god yet, therefore
    trusting one whom I do believe is God, takes care of it all for me, in that I have peace.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    I’m going to a great meditation practice group at WeSpark here in Sherman Oaks, CA. It’s free to people who have cancer, along with other things like Tai Chi, Yoga, etc. which I can’t take advantage of because of my work hours. We are also discussing aspects of mindfulness philosophy–detachment–that I very much want to become more adept at. Manijeh, the woman who leads it, is wonderful, and she is also affiliated with Mindful Valley ( You can click on meditations of various lengths and the bell rings at the beginning and end, etc. I’m trying to intersperse short times during my day where I concentrate on my breathing, and I do find, with a very stressful job and now a family situation, that it does calm me down and, more importantly, gives me some perspective. I have a crazy schedule this month, so I’m hoping this helps, and I’m going to join the Y in the new year so I can swim and I’m going to dedicate even more time to meditation. Does that sound like a New Year’s resolution? — which I never make!

  3. Dear Margaret,

    I don’t ‘meditate’ per se. What I do do is to relax into my dream world. It brings my brain wave frequency down to about the earth’s electromagnetic field. (At this point I can feel my own energy fields.) It’s very simple.

    think of a place in which you feel secure, safe, protected in YOUR perfect place where NO ONE can intrude. Hold that in you mind for a minute or two.

    The next time you slowly breath in, look all around your special place. As you slowly breath out, let your neck and shoulder muscles slump.

    The next time you slowly breath in, smell all fragrances in your special place. As you slowly breath out, let your arms get warm and heavy, very heavy.

    The next time you slowly breath in, listen to all the sounds in your special place. As you slowly breath out, let your back get warm and very heavy.

    The next time you slowly breath in, feel what’s on your skin, your face and arms. As you slowly breath out, let your legs get warm and very heavy.

    The next time you slowly breath in, taste the air and water in your special place. As you slowly breath out, let your whole body get warm and very heavy.

    Rest there awhile until you feel you really want to wake up and . . . .

    You could have someone read this to you as you enter your special place or think of the five fingers on one representing each of the five senses.

    The whole practice may take 10 to 15 minutes and it can be done at work, home or play.

    Please let me know if it is helpful or not so I will or won’t send this to others.


  4. I practiced Transcendental Meditation for many years then stopped several decades ago. When I was diagnosed with MGUS, and now onto SMM, I started TM again. Yes, it makes a huge difference for me. It is expensive to start but it works for me. I strongly urge MMers to mediate and to exercise every day.

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