Glucosamine, NAG and hyaluronic acid…all bad news in multiple myeloma

In January of last year I wrote a post (for a reminder, please see: about hyaluronic acid. And then this morning I read an article, written by Jacob Schor, which explains why we should avoid the three things mentioned in the title of today’s post:

And now I think we really need to watch a fluffily adorable video of…owls (for a change!). This Italian video is apparently becoming hugely popular on Youtube. Scroll down to the end of this “Daily Mail” article to read a bit more about it: Hey, this is my first ever attempt to publish a video on the blog, and I think it actually works, yay!!! Last thing: the owl that likes to be petted is named “Molla,” which means “Spring” in Italian (= not the season, but the elastic device 🙂 ). Awww: [youtube][/youtube]


  1. Efficacy of curcumin absent glucosamine/chrondroitin

    My family have all taken glucosamine for joint pain. We started taking curcumin, but relief came only after 30 days after we all STOPPED taking glucosamine.

    1. I read about glucosamine in the 1970’s but had stopped taking it long before I began curcumin for my tingling wrists and ankles. (I rejected my previous Internist who suggested that I should start taking NSAIDs) My wrists and ankles no longer tingle after taking curcumin 4K a day.

    2. my wife started taking curcumin 2/4k a day with her regimen of glucosamine. A month after she stopped taking glucosamine, her knees became pain free. She has heart disease.

    3. Her brother suffered after two disc surgeries (at the VA) He began taking curcumin. Sometime later he came to visit us: he was no longer stooped over, not using a cane and he had lost weight. He volunteered he also had stopped glucosamine about thirty days and he then saw the benefit from Curcumin. I told him about the recent experiments injecting curcumin in the spinal disc space (Journal of Inflammation 2012, 9:29) My wife says he looks the best in years.

    4. Finally, yes, our 43 pound pet aussie/sheltie mix, Maggie. She is 11 and had been taking glucosamine for a close call with a car that disconnected her tail below the spine. (Still attached, no longer erect, and cannot wag) I started her on curcumin, 2K per day. (Her vet agreed to it.) The astounding part is she has begun acting like she did years ago before the car incident: my wife commented that Maggie acts better and she must feel better as she brought me tug toys twice in AM, rolls over for a belly rub like a puppy, digging in flower bed, smells my wife’s breathe, helps me tie my shoes. It has been several years prior to her scrape the the car. Yes, I noted in our calender the day I stopped her glucosamine and it was 30 days prior to her behaviour change.

    The experience of three adults and our pet dogs is that glucosamine hinders curcumin when taken together. Positive results from Curcumin are seen 30 days after stopping gulcosamine/chrondroitin.

    Fat soluble curcumin for the dogs mean sardines (omega 3) as a fat source. I began drinking whole milk about the time I started curcumin. (A side effect is that I am building bone in my jaw, and did not need to have a tooth pulled, after a 4-canal root canal in one tooth. )

    Is there a test for hyaluronic acid?

    We are very lucky, thank you Maragaret.

  2. Hallo Margaret and Richard
    My doctor prescribed chondroitin sulfate. As you nearly don’t get it without glucosamine, I took a both together. Since I started with Curcumin (I have MM grade 2) and stopped taking chondroitin glucosamin three weeks ago my fingers get stiff. I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor and he told me that curcumin is only against inflammation and chondroitin is for between the joints. does anybody know if chondroitin sulfate alone is also bad for MM. but I am very glad to have found your homepage. Rudi from the Lago di Garda tells people to look at your page.

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