Thank you, Jay Bradner!!!

I know I’ve already published a post today, and I don’t normally “do” two posts in one day, but I’m sitting at my desk, in front of my computer, with my male cat Piccolo draped across my arms (making it difficult for me to type! He’s such a heavy boy!), very excited…and very emotional, too, after having watched one of the most amazing incredible fantastic TED Talks I have EVER seen. It’s less than 13 minutes…You HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I’m too overcome to say more than this: a team of Harvard researchers led by Jay Bradner has discovered a molecule, JQ1, that makes cancer cells become NORMAL cells. And this, my friends and family, INCLUDES MULTIPLE MYELOMA CELLS. Thus far the molecule has been tested in mice (wait until you see this with your own eyes), but human clinical trials are planned (I tried looking for this molecule on the Clinical Trial website, but I couldn’t find it…I will search some more when I get home from work tomorrow).

Tears of joy are running down my face…I’m sobbing, I’m actually sobbing, while my perplexed Piccolo is looking up at me and purring, concerned, Okay, I can hardly see. I’m sooo happy…Oh I just hope that big pharma won’t be able to stop this from happening…

Without further ado, here’s the link to one of the most promising things I’ve heard/read about since I began my journey with myeloma: 

May the information no longer be a secret! Open source FOREVER!!! Thank you, Jay!!!!!!

UPDATE: A friend in the UK notified me just a little while ago (it’s 8:30 PM in Italy now) that the link didn’t work for him. I tried to access the video in different ways, even looking up Jay Bradner on the TED website, but no, nothing worked. I get taken to a “Page Not Found” on the TED website. I hope the problem is only temporary (perhaps too many people linked to the video, and the system crashed?)…Anyway, it is a problem on their end. Bummer! Has anyone else had the same trouble? Well, it’s getting late here in Florence…I have to get off the computer now. Hope it’s up and in proper working order by the time I get up tomorrow morning, before I take off for work. Anyway, I’m on this story like a dog with a steak bone. So exciting…And yes, I’ve already written to Dr. Bradner… 🙂

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE!!! Okay, thanks to Mary, you can view it here: Until TED gets it up again, this will have to do…


  1. It is exciting news for all of us. The company partnering with Dr. Bradner is Tensha Therapeutics which has raised $15 million to develop JQ1 as a treatment. In their September, 2011 press release they specifically mention multiple myeloma!

  2. TED is a regular part of my diet. Without a TV it is amazing how much better informed we tend to become.

    Patience is a rough pill to swallow when the stats are feeling grim. Here’s to another MM milestone.

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