I see the doughnut instead of the hole, too…

This morning, after reading an interesting New York Times article  (thanks, DB!), I began writing another one of my yawnzzzzzzzz lengthy boring yawnzzzzzzzz posts, but at one point I decided to stop writing and let the NY Times article speak for itself. I mean, why should I always stick my inquisitive little nose into things…why do I always have an opinion about everything…why can’t I just shut up for once? 😉 So today I’m shutting up. Hey, y’all, this might be a historic moment! 😉 Okay, seriously now…Basically, the article, written by a medical doctor, is about patients who might have been saved by doing…absolutely nothing: http://goo.gl/BDRgk Of course, thoughts of MGUS, SMM and early intervention strategies (AGGGH) came to mind…

When I’d finished reading the article, I scrolled down the page to read some of the comments. I love comments (hint hint). 

And, right above that section, my eye (= the left one, to be precise…my right one was a tad distracted…) fell on a link to a Previous Post titled The Doctor’s Remedy: Turmeric for Joint Pain. Here it is: http://goo.gl/eHjzN

Now, even though, ONCE AGAIN SIGH!, no distinction is made between TURMERIC THE SPICE and CURCUMIN THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT (!!!), the “Previous Post” is still quite interesting…especially if you suffer from joint pain, as I used to…not anymore, of course. With all the curcumin I take daily, it’s a wonder I haven’t started sprouting a mass of turmeric roots from every pore…

One last thing. As I was writing my above-mentioned lengthy comments, I was reminded of Prof. Stephen Jay Gould’s excellent essay, “The median isn’t the message,” which everyone, especially patients with cancer, any type of cancer, should read. Verrrrry interesting, especially if you’ve always wondered about that 5-year average (now upgraded to 7 years, I’ve read…) survival statistic for MM patients…I’ve linked to this essay in previous posts, and here it is…again: http://goo.gl/kOgKA He’s soooo right! And I’m with him on those doughnuts… 😉

Enjoy! Oh, wait, let me make at least one comment…

JUST KIDDING! 🙂 (I mean, just kidding about making at least one comment…)


  1. My comments are off topic today! On October 23rd Paula from New Zealand asked if we could share a supplement that we take that has made a difference. A resounding YES!! 🙂 Cayenne pepper sapsules have improved my numbers considerably! I have SMM Lambda Free Light Chains. My Lambda markers have been inching up over the years, hitting an all time high of 1593.43 mg/L with M-spike of 100 mg/L in September 2010. I read about Capsaisin on Margaret’s blog and decided to try it in Cayenne pepper capsule form. I took 1 capsule, 500 mg. daily. In January 2011 my Lambda markers dropped to 913 mg/L (M-spike was not listed on the report)!!! Cayenne was the ONLY thing I did differently during this time period. I was anxious to see if this was a fluke. in September 2011 my Lambdas were still down at 918.91 mg/L with M-spike 30 mg/L! I was thrilled! 🙂 I would like to add this little tidbit…I’ve tried “cool” cayenne but regular cayenne pepper capsules seem to work best. I guess the little buggers can’t take the heat! 🙂 I now take (2) 500 mg. cayenne capsules daily to see if it will help further. I’d love to hear if cayenne has helped others out there. Please let us know! Good luck to all!

  2. Hey thanks Donna
    I am starting taking curcumin by Margarets protocol
    on 1 Nov, I may do this for 2 months and see what happens, and then add cayenne from 1 Jan.
    I have different markers in NZ, to you my lGg Lambda is 28.3 currently…started off at 23 2 yrs ago when first discovered and went right up to 29. I have done nothing but take 1000g curcumin for one month.
    I did take 50,000iu of Vit D once a week for 7 weeks, (suggested by doctor at CAM)when bone pain started in back and legs, my ca went up from 2.58 to 2.69, the hospital told me to stop immediately, and it has now gone down to 2.65
    Thanks for reply Donna

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