Honey and lung infections…

Thanks to Paula from NZ, I read an interesting bit of news this morning (hey, hello Cape Cod, Massachusetts! 🙂 ): http://goo.gl/fWxkt, This link will take you to a media release about what is believed to be the world’s largest programme of research on the medical uses of honey. Wow, I’ll have to keep an eye on this…

Speaking of infections and honey, I seemed to have turned the corner (knocking on wood!)…that is, I feel MUCH better this morning…could have been the high-grade Manuka honey that I began taking yesterday or the fabulous soup we ate last night (my hand slipped a bit with the hot red pepper, though, mammamiaitwashot!)…Whatever, I feel almost human again now. 😉

Early this morning I had a Skype call with Stefano and the kitties. A video call. Amazing what technology can do, eh… 🙂 Anyway, I called out to my furry babies lying on their cat tree (conveniently located behind Stefano’s desk)…They looked a bit puzzled at first, I must say. But Piccolo did get very alert…he sat up and looked straight at the computer screen from his perch. No idea what he was thinking, but we believe that he recognized my voice. Peekaboo actually got out of the hammock and jumped up on Stefano’s desk, focusing her big blue eyes on me (video “me”) for a few seconds before deciding that that was boring. Pinga instead struggled in Stefano’s arms and would have no part in it. She didn’t even glance at the screen…Oh it was so great to see them, though. Note: this is the first time I’ve ever used Skype…but it certainly will not be the last! Fun! 🙂

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  1. Welcome to America Margaret! Glad you had a safe flight and glad you’re feeling better. Eat another bowl of that hot chili pepper soup and you might be well tomorrow! 🙂 Enjoy your visit…and be sure to post pics! We wanna see too! 🙂 Talk soon! Donna

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