Back in the U.S.A.

Just a quick note to explain that I haven’t posted until now because my parents’ Internet service was disconnected this summer, and it took a couple of days to get a technician out here to hook us up again. Eh…

Let’s see. Nothing much to tell, except that, unfortunately, there were a number of people sneezing and coughing on the flight to Boston. This meant that I’ve developed a huge head cold, since clearly my lovely cough wasn’t enough to keep me “entertained.” 😉 Oh well. Anyway, it hasn’t stopped me from being active and doing stuff, including preparing a healthy veggie and bean soup with ginger, cumin, hot red pepper, turmeric and other healthful spices for dinner tonight. And I’m taking heaps of stuff, including Manuka honey and herbal teas…and also antibiotics and cortisone…I’m confident that all this stuff will work within a few days…Yeah!

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that all is well. And I’m glad to be here…🙂


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