A new blood test measures vitamin D levels more accurately…

Today I got home from work only a few seconds, literally!, before a terrific thunderstorm hit the area. I mean, it was incrrrredible…rain drops bouncing off our terrace as though it were a trampoline…really freaky lightning…thunder booming loudly right above the house, almost shaking it…and making such a ruckus that the kitties ran for cover and didn’t come out until about a half hour later…

But I digress. Point is, since I was a bit tiredzzzzz, I decided to take it easy this afternoon and just go through some easy-to-read Science Daily articles. Well, I found an interesting one discussing a new highly-accurate blood test which can detect how much a patient’s diet could be responsible for a lack of the so-called ‘sunshine vitamin’. Vitamin D deficiencies can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of cancer and osteoporosis. Indeed. See: http://goo.gl/33rmp 

Just quickly, another enticing excerpt: For the first time, the different forms of vitamin D the body absorbs from diet and sunlight, known as vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 respectively, can be individually distinguished from closely related compounds.

A really fascinating read…easy, too…do have a look…


  1. I’m really glad you wrote this comment, Hans. It gave me some good food for thought AND fodder for a future post (today I’m working on something different…).
    I first learned about vitamin B12 when I read Michael Gearin-Tosh’s “Living Proof.” As I recall, he took high doses of it…injections, in fact. Soon afterwards, I had my vit B12 level tested, and it was within the normal limits (which my vitamin D was not, incidentally). Like you, vitamin D gives me energy…:-)

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