Not just revolutionary, but also talented… :^)

Thanks to a post written by my blogging friend Paula (=Feresaknit’s myeloma and knitting blog), this morning I discovered that, in addition to being number TWO on a “top 10 MM blog” list on Cure Talk (see my June 18 post), I’m also on another list of “talented” bloggers: Nice!!!

I’m pleased that John’s blog (Good Blood, Bad Blood) was on this list, too, since his posts always make you feel so relaxed and fabulous…so beautifully written…such a pleasure to read…John is one of my favorite bloggers, for sure. Indeed, one of my favorite people!

I would now like to mention a few blogs that haven’t made these two lists, and in my modest opinion deserve to be there more than mine: 1. Beth’s blog (see my link to Beth’s Myeloma blog)…As I mentioned in my June 18 post, Beth is our pioneer MM blogger, yes her blog was THE FIRST, and she has been and is an inspiration to the entire MM, SMM and MGUS community; 2. Laughing Plasma Cells, who hasn’t been blogging much, recently, but I just love his blog; 3. Lori’s Riding the Wave blog. I hope to see those blogs on future “top” lists. If not, I’m going to make MY OWN list! So there. 😉

Soooo, let’s see…I’ve now been called “revolutionary” and “talented.” Oh, and a “hero,” too (well, that’s a huuuuuuge exaggeration, mind you…but it amuses me…).

What more could a girl want? 😉

UPDATE: Well, I’ll be…! I was just checking the Cure Talk website and found an article about me. Surprise! Well, ok, about my blog: It’s mostly long excerpts from my posts, but still… 🙂


  1. Thanks for delicately pointing out that I’d missed John’s blog off my post :O – did I mention I’d been up since 6:55 AM? I didn’t do it on porpoise honestly! I have now corrected my omission. 😀

  2. My reference to John wasn’t directed at you at all, m’dear, so you can put your “guilty conscience” at rest, hehe…I was, and am!, just truly happy that John’s blog was on that list. Yay!
    However, I’ve decided that one day I’m going to sit down and make my own, verrrrry selective list. There are at least three important blogs not on these two lists…And they deserve more than just a passing mention!
    Well, aren’t we just the early risers? At least YOU have a good excuse (the techie guy). I’ve been up since 6:30…my excuse is the awful stifling damp heat wave that has hit Firenze…so hard to sleep…oh, and to make matters worse, the cats are still sleeping with us…there’s nothing like a boiling hot furry body next to yours (or worse, on top of you!) in summer, sigh…
    I hope you’re cooler up north, eh! 😉

  3. Yes, Beth’s blog was the inspiration to start me writing a blog. Her matter-of-fact style and photos showed me the way. And then there was Margaret’s Corner. I thought maybe you were a little “out there” early on but then learned you were owned by cats. That seemed to explain a lot. LOL. 🙂

    Jon Siegel also kept a journalist-like blog. It gave me much hope. Unfortunately, it ended abruptly. I can only assume he died. We have all learned from one another.

  4. Why John, “out there” indeed”!!! Now I’m seeeeeriously thinking of erasing all those nice comments I wrote about you! 😉
    Well, you weren’t (and aren’t) the only one to think I’m nuts, deluding myself, whatever. But the truth is that I’m just a dedicated researcher (with an impressive résumé, if I may say so myself! 🙂 ) with a rather wacky sense of humor…and yes, owned by cats…
    As for Jon Siegel, no, I don’t think he’s dead. He’s still listed on the OMG website…check it out: A bit of good news, no?

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