First breast cancer…Then multiple myeloma…

Carol Johnson was 44 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Four years later, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma…

After going through two stem cell transplants, she is now on low maintenance chemotherapy…and she is taking curcumin. Read her story here:

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  1. Similar timeline for me, altho I’m asymptomatic and not being treated as this time. Had radical prosstatectomy in 8/08. Metastatic prostate cancer appeared in 10/09 and was treated with radiation. MM diagnosed in 03/11. I’ve read a lot about radiation treatment, radiation from flying and other radiation exposure being one possible cause of MM. Noticed that the Fukushima workers have been offered bone marrow stem cell harvesting to hedge against future illness of this type. Have to fight the medical community every time they want to do a CT for some minor diagnosis. Wishing Carol success with her treatment and the curcumin. I’m a curcumin proponent as well.

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