I’m working on a post…

…but it’s still in draft form. Not ready, in other words. So I’ll just go ahead and post two cutecutecute videos that I watched during a break today…

The first is of a teeny tiny kitten playing an invisible harp: http://goo.gl/JS3YB  Awww!!!! 🙂

The second is the most recent Simon’s Cat video, which gave me a nice little chuckle (we’re always amazed at the amount of stuff that our cats manage to shove under the couch in the living room…hmmm, I hadn’t thought of looking under the fridge, too, though…hehe!): http://goo.gl/pA7yQ

Okay, enough. Back to work…Oh, just a little hint before I go: after months of being totally overwhelmed by the amount of info/material, I’ve decided to pick up the virus connection trail again…Let’s hope it leads somewhere…(!)


  1. That Simon’s cat animation had me and Hubby in stitches. Many are the times when either he and I have swept a yardstick under our buffet in order to clear out the cache of tiny items pushed under it by our cat. She delights in pushing things under there in order to try to retrieve them. Her favorites are milk bottle cap seal rings. Once we discovered there were about a dozen of them under there! But there are always other unexpected things under there, too. 🙂

  2. I just used a yardstick to sweep out things from under our buffet, stashed there by our cat. Here’s what I found:

    4 catnip mice

    3 cat balls

    2 plastic milk cap seals

    A rubber band

    A Hershey’s kiss

    Numerous dried rose petals

    3 small pieces of broken Styrofoam

    A small, curled piece of Scotch tape

    1 pencil eraser

    A small piece of pink saran wrap

    1 piece of a wooden advent calendar

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