If you’re on doxorubicin, eat spinach!

I have time only for a super duper amazingly quick post today, but I just read this bit of info and thought it too important not to share immediately, since I know that doxorubicin can do some real damage to the heart. If you are taking doxorubicin or know someone who is, please read this article: http://goo.gl/4k43c

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. Conezyme Q10 is also used to prevent Doxorubicin cardio toxicity!

    And it have some anticancer properties because interferes in mitochondria stabilization and Warburg effect

  2. Q10 especially in the Ubiquinol form preven cardiotoxicity, the big question is if it’s beneficcccial against MM,some researchs shows
    elevation of IgG,fine for other cancer patients
    not so for people with MM.

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