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As a result of the messages I’ve received in the past few days, I know that many of you have noticed that my blog hasn’t been feeling very well lately. It has been feeling so poorly, in fact, that now and again it decided to show the world a blank “face” (that is, my homepage vanished, gulp). Then it decided to replace its blank face with my regular homepage but not the list of Pages on the right. Then some blog readers could see my homepage; others, yours truly included, couldn’t. It seemed to depend on our country of residence…anyway, very odd.

This situation has been driving the fabulous Healthblog manager absolutely bonkers…she has been trying to figure out what the problem is…She’s probably fixed it by now, but then this morning I discovered, purely by chance, that my photo album is now topsy turvy. What’s going on?

This is all a puzzle. Luckily, Stefano and I have been very busy with this and that and everything else (!) these past few days, so the fact that my blog has been misbehaving hasn’t been a huge problem for me, since I didn’t have time to write a post anyway! But I must say, when it first happened, it was a tad disconcerting to wake up and find my blog’s regular, reassuring homepage replaced by a completely blank page…All my work, seemingly GONE! Eeeek! 😉

It’s a long (four-day) holiday weekend here in Italy. Stefano and I had originally planned to go off somewhere with friends or on our own (London or the Dolomites or…wherever-but-not-too-far…), leaving our cats in the loving care of our fabulous cat sitter, but in the end we simply decided to stay home…We may go on a day trip tomorrow, and we have plans with other friends (locally), AND we have to do some work in the garden…but, most of all, we are going to RELAX… 🙂

That is why for now I’m going to ignore the fact that my blog looks more disorganized than usual (!) and the fact that the comment section on the right has vanished (!!!). Instead of worrying about that, I’ll simply post a couple of really cute videos/stories that I’ve watched/read recently:

  • Mom cat hugs baby kitten (Cute Factor: verrrrry high!), accompanied by an interesting National Geographic explanation: http://goo.gl/v7k34
  • Great story. 10 trapped ducklings rescued in Hyannis, MA: http://goo.gl/vLH64
  • Remember Nora, the piano-playing cat? Well, read this: http://goo.gl/cZONg
  • Cat plays the shell game (love the way the kitty ends the game, hehe, typical…): http://goo.gl/dV5mq


  1. Dear Margaret, Thank you for the great research you do. I had a SCT May of 2010. Never had a CR but close. 0.2. I’m on a 5mg revlimid maintenance routine 28 days. Have been taking 6gm of curcumin daily with fish oil since April. I take all in the morning. Is it ok to take everything at once? Should I increase my dosage to 8 grames? My counts are stable at 0.2. Blood work tomorrow, and see the doctor next Tuesday. I asked for his blessing when starting curcumin and he didn’t want me to take it. Said we would not know how much to take. Oh well. If nothing, I feel better being pro-active. Thanks, Ed Tourangeau

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