Fizz! Crackle! Pop! Poof!

This afternoon, while I was in the kitchen making an apple pie, Stefano was in my study updating my computer. At one point he came downstairs, looking both crestfallen and upset. He told me that he had installed a new poochywoochy inside my computer, which meant he’d had to unplug it, of course. Well, when he plugged it back in and turned it on, he heard a crackling poofy noise and saw that the transformer had burned out. Argh! To make a long story short, we hope that no harm was done to my computer, and that fixing the problem will just be a matter of changing the dead transformer (I will go buy a new one at some point tomorrow)…In the meantime, I won’t have access to my computer, my research or my e-mail. Eh.

Of course, before taking my computer apart, Stefano made a backup, so I won’t lose anything.  But this slight setback means that I won’t be able to publish my almost-finished post concerning a fascinating thingy I came across the other day. Oh well…

Anyway, I will still be able to go online (on Facebook, e.g.)…but little else. Incidentally, I am writing this post on our laptop, which is driving me crazy because the screen is small, and the text doesn’t fit properly, so it’s very difficult to see what I am typing, let alone correct anything…

Whatever you do today, steer clear of poochywoochies!


  1. With luck, there is no data lost on your hard disk. probably just a hardware problem, a broken poochywoochy. Fortunately you have a backup 🙂

  2. With “Transformer” you mean the Powersupply.
    Buy a new powersupply with a big fan (100 or 120 mm fan). This will be more silent.

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