Janet Battaile, New York Times editor, dies after a ten-year battle with multiple myeloma

Thanks to Hanna, a dear blog reader/friend, I read the lovely tribute paid to Janet Battaile, a longtime New York Times editor, who died yesterday, more than ten years after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Here is the link: http://goo.gl/f5J9H 

The tribute mentions that, after her diagnosis, Janet pursued “experimental treatments” instead of having chemotherapy, but provides no further details. How bloody frustrating…Hanna and I wondered what those treatments might have been…So I read a few of Janet’s articles and thought the answer might possibly be thalidomide (we are talking 2001, here)…but there is no way of knowing for sure…

At any rate, please make sure you read her love letter to her husband (incidentally, this piece of writing made me appreciate my Stefano even more than I already do…my Stefano is a “spectacular wife,” too!!! :-)): http://goo.gl/y2Hgc

And finally, here’s to swigging, guzzling, and gulping life!!!


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