A Phase II study of the efficacy of curcumin for reducing symptoms during maintenance therapy in MM patients…

I read a Google Alert early this morning that made me think I was still asleep and dreaming…

In June 2011, a randomized, double-blind efficacy study is set to begin at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston, Texas. Completion date: June 2014. Chief investigator: Robert Orlowski, MD, Ph.D.

Excerpt: The goal of this clinical research study is to learn if curcumin can reduce the symptoms reported by patients with multiple myeloma (MM) who receive treatment with lenalidomide. As you can read in the post title, this is a maintenance therapy study. In addition to a 5-15 mg daily dose of lenalidomide, each patient will receive eight grams of curcumin…or, of course, a placebo, administered in the same way as curcumin.

Here is the direct link to the Clinical Trial information: http://goo.gl/QuVVM 

I have so many questions, which will probably remain unanswered for quite some time, such as: which type of curcumin will these patients be taking? The C3 Complex curcumin or another type? Will the curcumin/placebo be divided into different doses (that would be my guess…) and, if so, how many? Will the curcumin/placebo be taken with food or on an empty stomach? Together with lenalidomide or not?

Well, this is a very VERY (VERY!!!) exciting bit of news, I must say! Yes indeedie! 🙂


  1. Margaret – I am finally settled and I see I have much reading to do! I will send you some info about my stay here privately later, because I can’t wait to share my good fortune in my choice of vacation spots.

    Oh my goodness – what a clinical trial!!! My stomach is better now so I plan to try to work my way back up to the 8g. I will also look for a place to buy it locally. This is VERY exciting. If it can reduce some of my symptoms, I may also be able to reduce some of my other supplements. I started to take it again 2 days ago – but I split it up just to be safe. 1 gram 3 times a day.

    Out of curiosity – and I wish to be delicate about how I word my question (well, if you can write about wandering panties maybe it’s ok to ask this “out loud”). Do you find that your “output” when on curcumin is slightly “reflective” of your input?

    Thanks for posting this exciting news. Ok – I’m off to take some of my pills.


  2. Hanna, you can ask anything of a woman who blogs about her panties, hehe. Answer: YES (=I imagine you are referring to the, er, color…) 🙂

    G J: the study results have actually been released…You can read about them on my MD Anderson curcumin-myeloma trial results Page (look on the right). Since I wrote that post, more information may have been released…I just haven’t checked…

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