Yesterday’s petit malaise…

Yesterday morning I woke up with one of those awful “drilling-a-hole-through-your-head” types of headache. No big deal. I got up and went downstairs to feed the cats and make my usual cup of cappuccino. After tending to my kitties, though, I began sweating buckets and feeling quite nauseous, so I figured coffee might not be a good idea after all and went back to bed. To make things short, I threw up twice and then spent the entire day in bed, sleeping and alternating between chills and sweats. In spite of having piles of blankets on top of me and being surrounded by my warm and very attentive cats, I felt very cold most of the time. I also had no appetite at all–I ate only a few crackers at dinnertime. But no, I didn’t have any fever…

Today I feel a bit weak but otherwise okay. My appetite is back, and I have done a bit of cooking, cleaned the kitchen, changed one of the cat boxes and so on…So tomorrow I am definitely going back to work. But I have been wondering: what could it have been? The onset of menopause? A virus giving me some sort of warning signal? Or something I caught from one of my students, who came to work on Tuesday with a high fever (aaaagh!!!)?

No idea. Odd, very odd…but anyway, it’s over, and that is what matters…!


  1. We used to call those episodes “24-hour flu” though it wasn’t truly an influenza I don’t think… perhaps it might now be identified as a ‘course correction’ for the body to make a few changes for healing? Glad it is over for you at any rate…

  2. Margaret is there any chance you had a mild migraine? That is how mine manifest. For me it happens when I have some food that I didn’t realize has MSG in it. They have become very clever in hiding the names of MSG. What did you eat the evening before?

  3. Could be the food but for the same money it could also be a virus… There are lots of those little devils all around and we all (my family) got affected by some few weeks ago. Same – one or two days of nausea, vomiting, headache, muscle- and joint aches… And then a few days lasting fatigue. So I vote for a virus in your case. But the most important is that you recovered. Stay well!

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