A dinner in honor of La Cootina…

Off and on, I have kept in touch with a couple of Nancy “La Cootina”‘s Hoodie friends. Nancy had “introduced” us via e-mail some time before she went into hospice. These friends, whom I shall refer to as K and MA, are the ones who informed me that Nancy had died, in fact (http://margaret.healthblogs.org/2010/05/04/well-the-news-is-out/).

Well, this morning I received a lovely lovely lovely message from K. Since I am 100% positive that other myeloma bloggers/Internet friends would like to read this update, too, I obtained permission to post some relevant parts:

“On numerous occasions, during the summer/fall of 2009, when MA and I would return to […], after taking Nancy’s little dog Molly for a hike in the woods, Nancy would tell us that she wanted to have a dinner to thank her “hoodie” friends. At about that same time period, as we all now know, her conventional cancer protocol was proving to be ineffective.  As a result, Nancy simply ran out of time and the strength it would take to plan and host a dinner for perhaps a dozen or more neighbors.
So, we lost our dear friend before we could gather again for a dinner at her house. Instead, her house stood empty when the hoodies gathered for a hoodie meal at X*’s house after we all launched our candles in honor of our departed friend, “Crankypants.”
About when Nancy’s home was sold, her brother, Marty, let us know that Nancy had left some money for a “Hoodie” Dinner. We planned a meal much like Nancy would have served. (Salmon, green beans, salad, oriental rice, rolls, fruit pies and wines.) We hired a caterer, sent out invitations and got X’s dining room ready.
Last night fourteen hoodies, Nancy’s mom, dad, sister and two nieces squeezed around one long table for Nancy’s “Hoodie” Dinner. Also present were canine friends Molly, Gracie and Harp.
It was noisy, it was fun and there were some tears but I’m sure most of us were happy that we had been touched, once again, by Nancy’s thoughtfulness.”

(*X is another Hoodie.)

Note: Nancy’s beloved dog, Molly, was adopted by K and MA and their other dogs and cats when Nancy’s health began declining. And I am happy to report that Molly is doing just fine now.

One last thing: I would like to thank K and MA publicly for keeping in touch with me and for having sent me a whole bunch of wonderful photos…photos of Molly…of the candle ceremony last year…and of this recent dinner in Nancy’s honor.

Ah, drat, there go the tears, again…


  1. Margaret sorry for your lost but know its not the end. It’s like graduation from highschoo or college. Some people finish earlier than others. Hope this helps. Respectfully and with warmest regards,
    John F

  2. I was so thrilled to read this post and to know about this wonderful dinner in honour of the wonderful La Cootina. How we miss her amazing wit and superb writing. Please don’t be sad Margaret I bet she is in heaven taking notes of everything and still continuing to read our ‘blogs’ Bless you for posting this X

  3. Arghhhhh… I do miss her so. But the news of this lovely dinner reminds me that what remains is the laughter and the love…. sniff, gotta grab a tissue… and that was what Nancy really got.

  4. I also think fondly of Nancy. I loved her attitude and her stories provided me much relief from the awful disease we share. I’m not surprised that her “Hoodies” still pay her tribute. And, of course, there is Molly to remind everyone.

  5. Margaret, thank you for sharing that.
    Nancy “Cootie” was a myeloma and blogger friend to many including me.
    The Hoddies dinner inspires me to have a thank you dinner while I am reasonably healthy.

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