Revenge of The Virus…

After feeling inexplicably tired for days, I woke up with a terrible sore throat yesterday morning. Uh oh, I thought. I immediately sprayed my throat with propolis, took some Sambucol (black elderberry extract) and ignored it. But whatever it is did not ignore me…

During the day the sore throat disappeared, but I developed a slight fever. All I wanted to do was sleep. So I stayed in bed, surrounded by my loving nurses (=Stefano, who is also not feeling that great, and my cats). Then this morning I woke up with a cough and the unmistakable beginning signs of a chest infection. Uffachebarbachenoia! So I guess that Mr. Expectorate, = a man who had a bad case of bronchitis and was on my Boston-Zurich flight, managed to “get” me after all! Drat…

I am on antibiotics now. Well, I think I caught this thing in time and should be okay within a few days. No worries. I just need to sleep it off…I mean, after all, I feel okay enough to be at my computer! 🙂

I wanted to make the point that this is a good example of what can happen to those who have a compromised immune system. A little sniffle can turn into a chest infection within hours. We must learn to recognize the symptoms and take immediate action…

Hmmm, is it a mere coincidence that The Virus struck me down almost as soon as I started asking you about viral infections….? 😉 Speaking of which, please keep sending me any “viral infection before diagnosis” accounts (see my September 28 post). As soon as I feel better, I will continue my research…


  1. Sorry to hear that Margaret. I know how you feel though. I ended up with pneumonia on a flight to/from Key West just over a year ago. It was called walking pneumonia so I didn’t know what it was, and I had no real cough.

    Unfortunately since that time I won’t get on a plane, because I have not yet found an airline that doesn’t recycle most of their air. I did lots of research because obviously I’d prefer to fly. My only option at this time appears to be to get approval for the oxygen tank. They allow a limited number of people and you need approval.

    I don’t understand how the airline industry gets away with recycling most of the air. It is a well known problem for everyone, and many people get violently ill after flying. They do make sure to protect the cockpit though, but recycling a lot less of their air.

    Feel better.


  2. Hang on Margaret! I have had it for three weeks now coming and going, within fatigue, headaches, some temperature… Today I feel a little better, I hope tomorrow’s the same.
    Get well soon, fingers crossed!


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