First, a quick Piccolo update: he threw up early this morning, just as I was preparing his antibiotic mush…but then, after about ten minutes, he jumped up on the counter and ate the whole thing…what a relief! The vet warned me that he might be nauseous now and again, and that I shouldn’t worry…so I will not worry…and in fact, other than this minor (I hope!) episode, he seems to be just fine and almost back to his normal self…a bit trimmer, though, which is good: he lost about 1.8 pounds (=800 grams) at the vet clinic.

But the main event today is, drum roll!, Stefano’s birthday. Here is a birthday joke, which I received from a blog reader (thanks!). Dedicated to my sweetie:

This says it all about getting older & the whole aging thing.

An elderly couple are attending church services. About halfway through, she writes a note and hands it to her husband. It says, ” I just let out a silent fart…what do you think I should do?”

He scribbles back, ” Put a new battery in your hearing aid.”

Auguriiiiiii, amore mio! 😀

(P.S. I published this post on June 7th, but it shows up on June 6th…this is due to the time difference between the U.S. and Italy, oh well…)


  1. Happy Birthday to Stefano. THat cake sounds yummy……. Have a fun day and enjoy your last days of aloneness for a while!

  2. We lost our very special and favorite cat at 16 a while ago. Sebastian was the best cat, the most loving and happy and beautiful cat we’ve ever had.

    He started to lose weight, so we took him to the vet, they didn’t find anything. Then he couldn’t jump onto our very tall bed, so we took him to the specialist and found he had pancreatic cancer. We could only keep him a few days longer, he was so far gone. The vet said that even with surgery, he probably wouldn’t make it, and that chemo just doesn’t work that well with solid tumors such as that.

    He couldn’t sleep one night, so he got him some painkillers at 3 in the morning. Followed that with morphine. After discussing it with the vet again, we decided the best idea was to let him go, and not let him suffer anymore.

    What a terrible situation. I am missing our sweet boy so much now! My wife is trying to love the other two very independent cats just like she loved on Sebastian. They aren’t happy about it. She has no one now to love in that special way.

    Your cat stories prompted this note. BTW, I love cats and dogs equally. They are loving and intelligent creatures who love us unconditionally. I very much dislike people who say they don’t like cats, or dogs, or pigeons, or any other creature with a mind.

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