Melanoma update…

If you have been following my blog for at least a month, you will know that my father-in-law was recently diagnosed with invasive melanoma (for a reminder, please see my Feb 6 and Feb 16 posts). In early February, we were told that the cancer had spread to his lungs (the nodules are small, which is positive…but they are there, which is not positive…).

Update: yesterday we received the results of the biopsy done on his cheek on Feb 11: no cancer cells…not even the shadow of a cancer cell. A bit of good news…

As you may remember, on Feb 16 Stefano and I accompanied my father-in-law to see his oncologist, Dr. P, who spoke with me very openly and amicably about curcumin (my Feb 16 post provides more details). Dr. P told my father-in-law to take at least three grams of curcumin per day. He also explained that the chemo “program” consisted of at least two cycles and then, provided that my father-in-law’s red/white cells and platelets didn’t decrease too much, perhaps a third one. This particular chemo drug tends to depress red and white cells and platelets, you see, so many patients are forced to stop at cycle number two (according to Dr. P).

Well, I am happy to report that my father-in-law was able to finish all three chemo cycles. His platelet and complete blood count remained stable during the first two cycles…indeed, they were “perfect,” according to a very pleased Dr. P.

I would also like to mention that my father-in-law did not experience any side effects from the chemo. None. On the contrary, he always reported that he felt as strong as a horse…

As you can imagine, I have been asking myself if such a positive reaction could have been a consequence of his curcumin intake…? Nobody can answer that question, obviously. But one thing I can and will say: every time he went to the hospital on “blood test day” or “chemo day,” my father-in-law reminded Dr. P that he was still taking curcumin. Dr. P always replied: “excellent, excellent, please continue to take it.”

I hope things continue to go well, of course. We should know a bit more next month, when my father-in-law undergoes more tests, another MRI and so on…


  1. this is incredibly significant….my own father died in 95 during unsucessful chemo for lymphoma…eventually he got a raging fungal infection that he had nothing left to fight with. …if i knew then what i know now….

  2. I am so happy for you. You have to believe that things will continue to go well. (Remember the study about positive attitudes – I think that is true for all kind of illnesses)

  3. Excellent news Margaret! I’m especially happy to hear he had NO adverse side effects to the chemo! What a relief! Maybe it was the Curcumin…maybe not…we’ll probably never know for sure! I’d like to think it did! I’m thankful he’s doing so well! I’m so happy for all of you!

  4. Sono sicuro che superera’ il problema, soprattutto per la
    forza d’animo che sta dimostrando (e che tutti dovremmo prendere come esempio!)
    Ad ogni modo i migliori in bocca al lupo a lui, a Stefano e a te!


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