Dolphin slaughter documentary, “The Cove,” wins the Oscar.

I just learned that “The Cove,” a documentary on the incredibly cruel and senseless slaughter of dolphins in a secluded cove in southern Japan, won the Oscar for best feature documentary. Well done!

I found out about this massacre–which, incidentally, has been going on for years–when, months ago, I watched an Italian news broadcast showing a group of hysterical, sobbing surfers who had just returned from the cove after witnessing the brutal violent killing of the dolphins…the broadcast included footage of the carnage…the sea water turning a horrible shade of red…At first, I watched in unbelieving shock, then horror and anger took over…I will never forget those scenes…

I immediately looked up the story on Internet and signed this petition: 

I have to confess that I will probably never have the heart to watch “The Cove” (what I saw on the Italian broadcast still makes me tear up as I write this post, months later…)…well, I guess it’s obvious that I feel very VERY strongly on this particular issue. And these massacres don’t just happen in Japan, I am very sad to report. Something similar happens right here in Europe, in fact (I just signed another petition…sigh…).

I just don’t understand…what’s the point??? Why???

Let’s stop these massacres of the dolphins (and whales, for that matter!)!!! Please sign the petition, it’s the least we can all do…

The Oscar story:

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  1. Evil barbarians. I hope they ALL rot in hell, forever. They deserve it. I couldn’t watch such a film, but I’m so glad it won an Oscar.

    Meanwhile, the baby seal slaughter goes on, too.

    That’s why I hate Canada and will never visit or spend money there.

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