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On February 19th I wrote a post announcing that I had put my blog on Facebook. Today’s post gives a few more details on this…project (?).

Pinga, our cat # 5, got spayed on February 18 2010. While waiting for the vet to call (after the operation), I was too nervous and distracted to concentrate on anything useful…so, on a whim, I put my blog on Facebook.

Well, I must say that it has been really wonderful to connect with my blog readers on a more personal level…Indeed, until now I had no idea how much fun Facebook can be…

I also set up a personal profile on Facebook (=separate from the blog, that is). The difference between the two pages is that my blog can be seen by everyone on Facebook, but my personal profile is private (I have posted photos there, e.g.). Only my Facebook friends (and perhaps some hackers…) can see my personal profile.

Anyway, if you have a Facebook profile, please become a fan of my blog (see below link; my blog has 60 fans so far!) and/or send me a Facebook friendship request. I am always thrilled to connect with blog readers!

Here is the direct link to my blog’s Facebook page…you have to be a member of Facebook for this to work, by the way:!/pages/Margarets-Corner-Living-with-smoldering-myeloma/312414599519 See you there! 😀

Update: actually, I am almost positive that anyone can view my blog’s FB page…even non-FB-members, just try clicking on the above link. I doubt, however, that you can become a fan of my FB blog without a FB membership…


  1. Margaret, thanks for setting up such a comprehensive site with all the information I’m currently seeking. While I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, I spend hours every morning reading, learning, and trying to understand whether I can take control of my health to beat the odds. I have the T4:14 translocation so my odds are not “supposedly” good. Had my ASCT Apr 21 2009 and I’m overwhelmingly happy to report that I remain in remission. I was trying to help you write about that fear issue, but I realized I don’t want to think about it. Just overcome it. Sometimes I think my “fear” has always been there, and maybe that is what caused my weakness to this disease in the first place. I was a healthy, physically fit lacto-ovo vegetarian for many years. Go figure!

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m excited at all the options you present, and have become your fan. I hope to contribute articles that I find of interest, but I may not yet be as good about analyzing them – still on oral chemo and it’s doing a number on me.

    I wanted to alert you to an article I found in early FEB and wanted to know if you and/or your followers have heard of this.

  2. I hope this will make you feel better, LaCootina m’dear: Stefano absolutely REFUSES to go on Facebook. “But we can be ‘friends,'” I plead with him, “you can look up all sorts of interesting things, photography-related and so on…” But he won’t budge. So there are at least TWO of you on the planet…No, wait, that’s not true: my card-playing buddies aren’t on FB, either! So I am up to ten people, now. 😉
    Hanna…interesting. No, I hadn’t heard of this. It reminded me a bit of Dr. Simoncini. Will you be following this bit of news? That would be great!

  3. I will do my best to follow this. I already spoke to my new homeopath who is recommending POLY-MVA (not sure how I feel about it yet). Seems this same researcher first discovered that certain mushrooms are anti-cancer as well.

    “In 1995, Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum, Ph.D., from King Drew Medical Center of UCLA, found that the Agaricus mushroom increases the total number of all immune cells within the body. In addition, he discovered that the Agaricus not only increased the number of NK cells, but also made each individual NK cell more powerful.”

    Such old news … and I’m just reading about this now.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Hannah, a word of caution. I found out about the effects of agaricus blazei on myeloma in 2008, I think…but I never posted about it because apparently it is very toxic to the liver. VERY. As I recall, a Japanese study reported on a few patients with advanced cancer who suffered liver damage after taking this mushroom extract.
    I admit that I don’t know much about POLY-MVA…you are very wise to do your own research!

  5. Thanks for the word of caution. That’s why I’m nervous to try before doing research. Don’t you wish it were easier? Just told my daughter over breakfast how wonderful the Internet is … as I now have someone in Italy (her favorite visit was to Italy – I was having coffee from a mug she brought me from there this morning!) with whom I can share information.

    I’ll let you know what I find on POLY-MVA when I get the details.

    Thanks again.

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