Vote for Pinga!

Yesterday, it almost goes without saying, we adopted the little white kitty (see previous post). We didn’t bring her home immediately because we want her to be seen by the vet first (= tomorrow morning). So today she is still in her friendly foster home. Since she was found out on the street, we want to make sure that she doesn’t have anything, disease or parasites or whatnot, that might harm our other kitties (I am sure she doesn’t…but we cannot take that risk). I therefore still don’t have any photos of her. Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Have we chosen a name yet? Well, since she is a white cat with a few splatters of orange on her head and back, as though a bit of turmeric had fallen on her by mistake!, I wanted to name her “Curcuma” (=”Turmeric” in Italian)…but Stefano wants to continue our “P” tradition…(our other cats are Puzzola, Piccolo, Priscilla and Peekaboo).

So this morning I looked up the word “turmeric” in other languages and found “Pinga” and “Pita,” from Sanskrit. For now, Pinga is in pole position…but we are open to any “P” suggestions…Private or Public…Pppplease let me know! 🙂


  1. A Swedish friend of mine nicknamed his young daughter “Pingis”, which is like “Pengy” in English, short for “Penguin”. “Pinga” sounds good to me.

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