Cat number five?

Premise. During the Xmas holidays, Stefano told me that he had had a weird sort of day dream, in which we adopted another male cat called Prezzemolo, which means “parsley” in Italian. So we decided on the spot that we would adopt the first cat in need. No hurry, though…!

Story. I have been going to the same pet store for years and know the owners very well. This morning I went there to get some cat food. As soon as I walked inside, A. (=one of the owners) exclaimed: “aaah, there you are! I was just thinking of phoning you to tell you that Signora P. has found your Prezzemolo!” She then turned to Signora P. and explained, “Margaret has four cats and wants to adopt another one.”

Signora P. and I fell into conversation, of course. She told me what had happened…in a nutshell, last week she took in a shivering and very hungry abandoned female kitten that was probably 4 months old…but she cannot keep her. She asked me if I would like to see the kitten (hello??? That’s like asking my cats if they would like some tuna…). So off we went to her apartment, just a short walk from the pet store.

First impressions are very important. I am convinced, you see, that our pets pick us and not vice versa (hi John! 😉 ). Well, as soon as she clapped eyes on me, this skinny little thing jumped right into my lap, purring like a locomotive. That did it…

So the long and short of it is that Stefano and I are going to see the kitten tomorrow at 4 p.m. And I am certain that, as soon as the little purrbox jumps into his lap, Stefano is going to forget about his dream of adopting another male cat. You will see…


  1. LOL! Spanky has a foster home but the wheels are turning in my heart as well as my mind. 🙂 But, it’s complicated.

    Yes, pictures ASAP, please.

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