What the…???

At the end of June my gynaecologist told me that I should have a mammogram. I couldn’t and can’t remember the last time I had one (=another one of those “fun fun fun…NOT!” tests…). It could have been when I was in grad school, or, more likely, when Stefano and I were considIMG_3630ering enlarging our family, which didn’t happen the way we had hoped (for reasons that should be rather obvious)…but, in the end, did happen. We now share our lives with 4 small furry loving funny bundles of joy. This morning the happy bundles were all snuggled together on my side of our unmade (sorry about that!) bed, as you can see.

At any rate, I tried to make an appointment for a mammogram in July but was told to call back in the fall. I have been busy, though, and, well, just haven’t gotten around to it.

Then this morning I happened to read an October 20th New York Times article…an interview with Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, which I think everyone should read. No need for an introduction: http://tinyurl.com/yaaqka7.

Oh boy…well…uhm…well, uhm, as we say in Italian, non ho parole. I am at a loss for words.


  1. Hi Margaret,

    I guess I am just a little jaded when it comes to the American Cancer Society.

    I understand that the article was about screenings as a useful or not so useful tool for cancer prevention, but I sure would have liked to have seen even a miniscule mention of vitamin D, which from what I have read so far, is one of the best breast and prostate cancer preventative measures in the world. It’s non-invasive and dirt cheap………free if you can get it from the sun with moderate exposure and has shown potential toward many other cancers also.

    ……….not even a teeny tiny mention????

    The link below is very enlightening if you have time to listen.




  2. The second link is to a chart that shows the correlation between serum levels of of 25 OH D and potential for prevention of certain cancers as well as other health issues.
    After watching the video and studying the chart, it makes you wonder why the ACS does not suggest that bringing your 25 OH D levels up to the 50 ng/ML level is a very good thing to do for your health in general. Just look at the chart line for breast cancer!?!?!


  3. I’m sure I read somewhere that people who have died naturally have been found to have up to 6 or 7 cancers – and the cancers haven’t killed them! What do they say? “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” 🙂

  4. Some years ago a geologist,professor Jane Plant,developed
    breast cancer.As a scientist herself she went through the
    full gamut of orthodoxy but still the cancer returned.She
    faced death but through her expertise in epidemiology
    discovered that Chinese did not get breast cancer.She
    also discovered that they eat no dairy products,so she
    gave them up.
    Her cancer receded and finally vanished.
    She wrote a book “Your Life in you Hands” which became
    an international best seller.She appeared on TV.
    Her studies included prostate cancer in men.
    I have followed her advice and given up all dairy and
    sugar.My psa is 0.3 which is normal healthy.

    There is still plenty of good food to eat, and I enjoy it.
    This site will tell you more:


    She is an inspirational woman as you are.

    Go for it Margaret.

    Old Bill

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