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Lovely day in Florence today. I did some laundry, finished part of a translation that is due tomorrow, enjoyed the sun a bit (trying to soak in some vitamin D!) and took a photo from our attic window that I then posted as my current blog banner. It turned out a bit dark because of t2694689890043194007S425x425Q85[1]he rather blinding afternoon sun, I think (see how light it is on the left side of the photo)…I could have fixed it on the computer, but…I didn’t. You can still see how the leaves are changing colour. Fall has arrived in Firenze!

Now for a couple of funny baby videos. These were posted on Facebook by a myeloma list friend (thanks!)…I laughed until tears were streaming down my face and my tummy hurt, so you can’t say I didn’t warn ya! I will have to add them to my list of funny stuff…(oh, by the way, yesterday I managed to update some of my Pages…about time! Still lots to do, I know, but…better than nothing…!). Okay, ready for a laugh? Here goes:

Video 1 (my Mom’s favourite):  and Video 2 (my favourite):

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  1. Lovely photo from your attic window, so beautiful. I have seen the video of the babes doing their rounds on Facebook, so lovely and a real tonic. It is really chuckle making, also how very beautiful the babies are!. Glad to read life is treating you well. All very best wishes.

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