How a virus invades the body…

Okay, recently I have been writing way too much about the flu and flu vaccines and flu prevention…so much so that I have begun to develop a few flu symptoms…! 😉

Seriously now, whenever you have a bit of free time, exactly 3 minutes and 39 seconds!, check out this really neat, well-made cartoon video depiction of what happens when someone who has the flu sneezes near you: No, I promise, the cartoon is not gross at all…on the contrary, it is absolutely fascinating!

By the way, Fanatic Cook is one of my favourite bloggers. I link to her blog…scroll down my Pages to “Useful food/spice-related links”….which is not at all an appropriate heading, come to think of it, since she doesn’t just post about food but treats a huge variety of topics, from vitamin D to genetically modified organisms and cancer… Check out her archives when you have some free time…good stuff!


  1. Hi Margaret

    I haven’t been online very much recently, just thought I would check in quickly, I haven’t got long, as off to meeting, but noticed your post about Elderberry, i can say 1st hand it definately reduces flu symptoms quicker.
    In the summer I had flu, possibly swine flu, it was raging around my sons school,they gave up testing people as they couldn’t cope with the number of cases, I contracted tonsilitis after a few days and had to have antibiotics for that, but refused the antivirals. I recovered from the worst symtoms in just a couple of days. As well as the antibiotics, I dosed myself up with a special homeiopathic elderberry concentrate, from a local lady, took maximum doses of samento 3 times a day and gargled with citricidal, drank hot freshly made lemon & ginger tea throughout the day and combine honey and Propolis to sooth my throat. Now of course, it could have been one of the other things that helped, but I would never rely on just one thing to get rid of a virus. I will never leave out the Elderberry.

    I hope everything is well, I must log on with enough time to read up on your blog. I’ve been working hard at getting my diploma to practise Bowen. I should be fully qualified after Christmas (yipee)

    Wishing you well

  2. Hi again Margaret

    Boy you have been busy, it’s going to take mew a while to catch up properly, can I ask you where you are getting your ashwagandha from

    Thanks Sue

  3. Margaret — I found the NPR virus link VERY educational.. thanks so much for alerting us to it! And I’m going to find some elderberry concentrate tomorrow!!

  4. Hi Margaret

    I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, there could be a really good social way of enjoying the benefits of Elderberry, Drinking it made as wine!! so I looked up a link

    I’m going to fine my nearest local organic supplier, I used to drink it when I was younger as my parents regulary made some in the winter and if I remember rightly it was deliceous. P.s. you can also buy the dried berries to make tea from


  5. That video makes me want to walk around with both a “noseklipp” and a medical mouth shield on top of it …… Fabulous! Christine

  6. We should all shoot for ‘high normal’ levels of Vitamin D and find a way of getting/staying there. This article suggests that Vitamin D toxicity was not seen even with what to me seems like a high dose.

    Boston University Medical Center (2009, October 28). Weekly And Biweekly Vitamin D2 Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 28, 2009, from­ /releases/2009/10/091026161850.htm

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