Whales, whales…and more whales!

I have been on several whale watching trips off the coast of Provincetown, in the national marineIMG_1622 sanctuary known as Stellwagen Bank, but yesterday’s trip beat them all. In the past, a typical sighting would have been the end tip of a whale tail way out in the distance. Sure, that was exciting, but…nothing compared to what we saw yesterday.

Yesterday, we had whales swimming near and under our boat (by the way, I have always chosen the Dolphin FleetIMG_1461, mainly because of their commitment to responsible whale watching, information concerning the welfare of whales, collection of scientific data, having a naturalist on board, etc.).

Stefano and I chose different sides of the boat so we would have most of the water surface covered. As luck would have it, he was on the BEST side…at one point, two and sometimes three whales surfaced right next to his side of the boat to feed, so he got some super duper photos with his super duper digital camera. I got some decent shots with my not-so-super-but-certainly-adequate camera, tooIMG_1632…so, since his photos (400 or so) would be more difficult for me to post right now, you will have to be content with mine (“only” 230).

In total, we saw 14 humpback whales, 2 minke whales and 1 right whale. Not bad, eh!

After our exciting whale watching trip, we spent a couple of hours walking around the charming, lively and picturesque town of Provincetown. Since Stefano and I are magnet collectors, we bought an Obama magnet…and also T-shirts depicting a black cat, yes, a black cat, not a black dog (those of you who have been to Martha’s Vineyard will know to what I am referring!). Anyway, another lovely lovely day. In fact, I hope we have the time to go on another whale watch before returning to Italy…(IMG_1644by the way, the last photo is of a T-shirt that I did not buy…but I liked the message, hehe…).

Moving on to another topic…my first order of supplements has been delivered, and I am now waiting for the second. I intend to test most of the substances that I have posted about in recent months—boswellia, ashwagandha, reishi, inositol, IP6, etc.—I am probably forgetting some, but these are the main ones. I have chosen only reliable sources, organic whenever possible…and none of my capsules contain silicone dioxide.

The upcoming year should be an interesting one…!


  1. Ah, the Cape in late summer – a fine feast for the senses! Perhaps next year I will be able to arrange a journey to return to some of my favorite haunts, including the Negre Canine spot your reminded me of… glad you are enjoying yourselves so much and sharing it with us who are landlocked at present.

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